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Flooding In Your Home

Homes with inadequate drainage, or those that are located in a low-water table are prone to frequent flooding. This is particularly true following a heavy rainfall. The buildup of water can result in serious damage to the home’s structure and can also lead to the growth of harmful bacteria and mold.

Installing A Sump Pump In Your Home

Getting a sump pump professionally installed by Drain Jetters R Us is the ideal way to keep your home dry and to assist with the proper drainage of your home. Sump pumps also help to reduce hydrostatic pressure around your home. To put it in simple terms, the buildup of moisture in the soil surrounding your home creates pressure that pushes the water through the tiniest of cracks in your foundation.


Does your drain have roots growing in it?

Even after removing a tree the roots can still grow causing you problems in the future. If your drain pipe is broken, collapsed, shifted, or dipped, excavation may be your best solution.  Drain Jetters R Us will correctly diagnose your situation and may offer alternatives to excavation that will save you money.

Before you dig:

  1. Perform camera inspections to confirm the pipe break(a camera will reveal if it’s broken or just clogged).
  2. Explore alternative repair options.
  3. Always Call Before You Dig (C.B.U.D.).
    Drain Jetters R Us will mark-out and call for the proper location of all underground utilities as required.

Emergency Services

Emergency Backups Can Cause:

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