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Common Signs Of A Problem With Your Sewer Line

A Blocked Sewer Line

The thought of a clogged sewer line that sends wastewater backing up into the home is enough to make anyone cringe! The mess and nasty smell makes it unpleasant to be in your home, and the damage to your belongings as well as to the structure can be significant.

A clogged sewer line is often caused by a buildup of grease and gunk inside the pipe, often the result of greasy or fatty foods being sent down the drain. The sticky build up then catches passing debris and solids such as hair. The flow of wastewater becomes increasingly restricted until it is finally completely blocked.

Another common source of a sewer line problem is a blockage caused by the growth of roots from nearby trees into the sewer line.

Calling In The Pros

A clogged or damaged sewer line requires the assistance of a trained professional

The experts at Drain Jetters R Us will diagnose and locate the problem. If necessary, we may employ the use of a small video camera designed to travel through your pipes in order to locate and visually inspect the exact nature of the problem.

Repairing Or Replacing A Sewer Line

If we find that the nature of your issue is a clog caused by grease or tree roots, the best solution may be a method known as hydrojetting; which uses pressurized water to blast away any foreign object constricting the flow of water.

On the other hand, should we discover that the problem is a damaged or collapsed sewer line, a repair or complete replacement may be required. Fortunately, we have several methods to complete the job and our goal is always to disrupt your home and landscape as little as possible.


Does your drain have roots growing in it? Even after removing a tree the roots can still grow causing you problems in the future. If your drain pipe is broken, collapsed, shifted, or dipped, excavation may be your best solution. American Rooter will correctly diagnose your situation and may offer alternatives to excavation that will save you money.

Before you dig:

Drain Jetters R Us will mark-out and call for the proper location of all underground utilities as required.

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