Water damage
& Restoration

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Water damage repair/restoration:

Our water restoration services include:

A Blocked Sewer Line

Water damage repair services are critical if your residence has been subjected to excessive water, after an overflow or flooding.  Our restoration services include immediate water extraction, followed by a drying process and also work to try to salvage your furnishings and belongings. We understand that when you’ve been faced with a disaster, you want help immediately. Our goal is to do so with minimal distraction to your family or business.

When you call us to handle your flooded home, water removal is the first step performed using several types of equipment to extract the water from your property. Once water has been removed,  we bring in  air flowing equipment such as specialized fans that dry out the surface area of your  cabinets, wood floors, carpet, tiles, walls and ceilings. Depending on the amount of water and square area affected will determine the amount of fans needed and the duration for the dry out.

After the drying process we use dehumidifiers, which are crucial to eliminating the high levels of moisture in the air. The dehumidifiers work to remove high humidity levels and are able to dry out sub-flooring and the structural integrity of your home or business such as wall studs and ceiling joists.

These actions are essential in speeding up the restoration of your home.  If not done immediately, further and more serious damage could result.

What Do I Do When
My Home Has Been Flooded?

These initial simple steps can be taken before you call a water damage repair professional, to ensure the safety and protection of your family members:

  1. Locate the source of flooding and shut off all valves. You may need to turn off the main valve that opens and closes the water for your entire house or business until the exact source is located.
  2. Keep children and pets out of area and contact us.  The faster the standing water is removed the less flooring, walls and sub-structure are exposed to these damaging conditions.

Water damage repair should begin within 24-48 hours after the actual event takes place to prevent the growth of mold. 

We fully understand the stress that flood damage can cause and our water damage restoration team will have you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

How Can We Solve the Problem?

A variety of methods are used in tracking down hidden water leaks:

Video camera inspection: This is the preferred method and involves infrared technology. A camera is snaked into the pipe system. This camera is designed to take pictures and videos of the pipe at different angles. We are then able to inspect the results for any cracks in the pipeline or other signs of leaking.

Meter detection: This involves using a digital instrument to search for signs of leaking. A water meter is added to one end of the external points. The water pressure in the pipes will help the meter assess the point of leaking.

Digging and drilling: In some cases we will need to carry out some digging to locate the leak. The process may also involve drilling certain areas of your flooring or wall. We try to avoid this method and view it as a last resort.

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Slab Leak Repair Services

What’s a Slab Leak?

A slab leak is a plumbing emergency which occurs when one of the water lines that run beneath the concrete floor of your home or basement becomes damaged and begins to leak, or bursts open. These leaks are especially dangerous because the water from the pipes can quickly erode the foundation beneath your home as it drains away, leading to structural issues with your home and thousands of dollars in repairs.

What Causes Slab Leaks?

A slab leak can be caused by a variety of factors, though in most cases it has to do with the condition and state of the water line pipes. Some other common causes are:

How Can You Tell If You Have a Slab Leak?

Because your water line pipes are located behind your walls and floors it can be difficult to determine where a leak is located. Here are a few signs to look out for which indicate that you may have a slab leak on your hands:

Emergency Services

Emergency Backups Can Cause:

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